If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

Well, if my words could speak, they would shout out for help or plea for an answer or bargain for just a moment of relief from this lull in my focus.

I am sure I am not the only writer person that lives in a place of challenge on what to write, when to write, or how to write. For instance, often times I get creative burst of energy that births a title or subject matter. Nearly every time this INSPA comes at very inopportune times, which doesn’t give me the time to play with this new-found idea.. i.e. during a meeting at work, in my car, during study time, during Bible Study, whilst someone is having a “serious” conversation with me.

So I causally pull out my Smartphone and record the title and/or thought. My heart races and even skips a beat because I am back “in love” with this gift called writing. Only to be very let down when I try to recreate that moment and begin to put pen to paper and there is nothing… zilch… nada!

What happened? Where did it go?

I get discouraged because the only thing I can successfully recreate is this blank canvas along with a blinking cursor. My dynamic duo… or not so dynamic… UGH!!!

In one of my many rants to the Lord, I discovered that my most formidable enemy which causes most of my seemingly insurmountable obstacles is.. wait for it — ME! Yeah go figure!

Instead of redefining my goals and being consistent, I cave in to the idea of my last “successful” piece and I fold and quit. I quit because I build myself up to believe that I can’t possibly do as good as the last thing I wrote. By the way … how long ago was that? Don’t even…

WOW! How idiotic of me to think that it was even ME that made the last thing I wrote great! I mean after all I thought that I proclaimed that this things were Holy Spirit inspired… Have I missed the mark.

I won’t even pretend that I have some great scripture to correlate with this revelation. I am sure there is, however just the epiphany alone that I am my problem has me shaking my head. Not in disbelieve. I am thinking to myself, “Why didn’t you think of that?” I guess I wouldn’t need the Lord, if I could have figured that on my own…. Right?

Here a few pointers that could lend to be of some help:

  • Find a system of sorting out your ideas and keep them in front of you!
  • Make the time! Be consistent in your efforts to write. Even if produces a blank page. Keep at it!
  • Create a to-do list or marked goals. There is a reward at every level of completion. Keep track!
  • Get Direction! Pray and ask the Lord, “What would you have me to write today?”

The last pointer definitely isn’t of least importance. It is the key to producing what “Thus saith the Lord!” It is how as Believers in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ should be conducting our lives.

“Lord what would you have me to do today?” The scripture that comes to heart is,

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6 KJV

I won’t make any GRAND promises…. but it seems as if… I’M BACK!

Keep me lifted in prayer!

Until Next Time…

VMarie aka THR33

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