If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

Last night while I was relaxing on my bed perusing through YT vids to review, I looked thought my recommended videos and one in particular yelled out to me. It read, “How God Gave Me My Apartment” on YT channel called Wonderful Acts. This young woman was a breath of fresh air compared to the many other “recommendations” suggested to me. As I began to listen to her story about how the Lord blessed her with a beautiful apartment, I began to tear up. I heard a whisper, “Do you remember…”  I thought about clicking out of the video in order to keep my composure. I felt like if I heard another second I would just burst into tears. Again, I heard a whisper, “Do you remember….”  I knew all too well, to whom that voice belonged! I forced myself to listen to the rest of her miraculous story of obedience, persistent prayer, and the Lord proving Himself through every step of her journey. The fact that in the end the Lord blessed with the apartment was really the cherry on top of this entire situation. The blessing was the reminder of how sweet and awesome it is to have a relationship with the Lord!

Yes! Lord I remember!  I remember when I trusted in your Word! I remember when I walked by faith and not by sight! I remember when I was willing to do the ridiculous, not to receive a blessing but so that You would be glorified! Yes, Lord I remember when I felt your Holy Spirit with me throughout the day and how I was comforted by your very presence even during my darkest hours. Yes, Lord I Remember!

How often do we get consumed with this so-called “life”, that we forget who and what keeps us whole, free, secure and LIVING!

Let us begin today with first asking the Lord to forgive us for putting things before Him. We ask Lord that you help us to recognize that although we have necessary things to accomplish each day that we never put them before our fellowship and devotion to You! Lord continue to guide and protect us in this life, as there are many distractions that end up leading us away from you. Remind us daily that we are vessels to be used by You! In Jesus’ precious, name Amen!

Until Next Time…

Bask Every Day in His Presence! Need I say more?


One thought on “Oh! How Soon We Forget!

  1. Shunda Francis says:

    Awesome! And so true. I remember being directed by the Lord to movie to Richmond with no job, no place to live, $98.00, a 7 month old baby girl, 7 cans of Enfimeal and s pack of Pampers. Trusting and believing God. Look at me and my daughter today. Nobody but God! Thanks and you be bless!

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