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I want to thank the last 44 people who decided to follow this blog, although it appears that I have dropped off into the “What in the World is Really Going on in the 2020sphere??” Trust me! I am still here and plugging along. I decided that WHENEVER I have a – hiatus, sabbatical, retreat, or staycation away from If My Words Could Speak I would not return with long drawn out reasons or excuses as to why! If you are reading these words for the first time you’ve never missed me and if you are a recent or long time follower well….. “I’M BACK!” I have definitely missed you! 🙂

I am actually on track for my 2021 schedule to refocus on writing. I feel most comfortable right now in this space – “If My Words Could Speak”. For the past 4 years I have hosted a Vision Board Event and it has transformed into something I get quite a bit of enjoyment from because it provides me an avenue to inspire others through the Truth of God’s Word toward reaching their God given goals. I’ve encouraged the group that I meet with monthly to have a list of things you would like to achieve in 2021….that you have already prayed about and got direction from the Lord, pick target dates for completion, and focus weekly on one or two things at a time. I found this little change of focusing on one to two item per week has eliminated a lot of the feelings of being overwhelmed with this huge list of to do’s. When you’ve accomplished a task or milestone it definitely is an inspiration to keep moving. Now this is the VERY condensed version but if anyone out there is interested in more… Comment down below or like the post!

Now on to what I initially wanted to share (which in a way can be connected to the above). I found myself in a bit of a rut with trying to decide a plan for this blog and other endeavors I wish to do. One of the main reasons, for this rut is simply tied into fighting the urges to be overly consumed with financial provision.

Instead of going with the flow, I get side tracked in the notion of making money to “survive”. Mind you I have been working from home technically prior to our world’s crisis and God has been doing just fine with His end of the deal. My issue begins when I stop doing what “Thus says the Lord..” and start on this detour of the what if this and that and how about and the why nots. I know I am certainly not alone with that endless mind game. Ever so often, I would read a blog or watch a video that basically caused me to snap out of that useless trance leading to nowhere but idle time.

It is very ironic (or is it?) that my devotional scripture today is: Philippians 4:19

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

New King James Version

Now! This scripture gave me the nudge that I needed today BUT it wasn’t this alone that fueled me to just power up my computer and begin to type. “What was it?” you ask? Well it was preceding scriptures Paul wrote to the Believers in Philippi. He said to them to never be anxious for anything and when it starts to get overwhelming to think on the things that he taught them… basically remember the Word of God! He also thanked them for their support in his time of dire need at which then says to them, …”And my God shall supply ALL your need according to His riches in glory BY Christ Jesus” (emphasis mine).

See often times we forget that we are to service others whether it is to those doing the ministry work of sharing God’s Word or His ministry work of taking care of those who are less fortunate then we are – the homeless, orphaned, distressed, battered, hungry etc. The service that each Believer is responsible for transcends our own needs or understanding of anything that we are going through. We cannot expect to reap the benefits of what that one verse in scripture says and forget about the ENTIRE(chapter) or premise of what God is saying here through Paul.

I’ve been encouraged today to continue to do my part to help those who are less fortunate AND also, to exercise my gifts and passion for writing about and sharing His Word through my experiences.

Until Next Time…

Have Faith in God and Move Accordingly


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