If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

I am not quite sure where I am going yet with this blog… but I was inspired to pull out an oldie but goody. 🙂 I wrote this piece after having a one-time conversation with a young man who by my standards —  at that time was THE perfect guy. I often reflected back on this poem and wondered when I would ever get a chance to experience that moment … those words … that feeling again.  Well… Let’s just say I’ve come darn close BUT no cigar!

I give you …..

A Force Within
by VertelleMarie

My inner being is just elated, the thought of our meeting.

Your mental kiss every reaching my innermost secret place.

Your words just a hint of the places to go.

Never reaching the point — only a glimpse of total happiness.

Your Soul reaches out to mine for a moment and life itself is electrified.

I feel your heat. The Fire that burns within you and longing to escape.

My King shall we dine together in the delight of Love and stare into our destiny from afar?

Shall our minds become entwined into just on thought of bliss, never to leave the confounds of the heart.

Bring me to that place of total ecstasy, where my mind, body, and soul can benefit simultaneously.

Bring me to my place of destiny, where Love is more than a fleeting moment.

Where it is Eternity.

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