If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

…Is VMarie???

Yes, Yes, and Yes… I have been at it again. I am here! Really I am. I offer no excuses ūüôā I can give you a ton of reasons .. but I will not … No I won’t! ūüėõ I will say this when it rains it pours … and this rain is a very good rain!

It’s funny when I am not writing … I am always thinking of the next topic I could write about or should write about… and when the time comes the thoughts seem so in that moment and not relevant to “right now”. Now I know that is not really true BUT in my writing mind it matters. ¬†So that leads me straight into this saying — we ¬†have heard it over and over again …

Never Put Off Tomorrow What You Know Dag On Well You Should Be Doing Today — Cuz When Tomorrow Comes… Well You Know You Ain’t Gonna Do It!!

Well, ok I know it doesn’t actually go like … just a little VMarieism… ¬†But the point is when you get the urge, the notion, the leading to do something we must MOVE. Can you count the times when you got the inner push to do something and instead of moving you hesitated — were slow — just plain ‘ole PROCRASTINATED!

Procrastination is the killer of dreams and if unchecked it will no doubt put you in direct disobedience with The Lord.

pro¬∑cras¬∑ti¬∑nate¬†[prŇć kr√°sti n√†yt, pr…ô kr√°sti n√†yt]

(past and past participlepro·cras·ti·nat·ed, present participlepro·cras·ti·nat·ing, 3rd person present singularpro·cras·ti·nates)

transitive and intransitive verb
postpone doing something: to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice

¬†[Late 16th century. < Latin procrastinat- , past participle of procrastinare “put off until tomorrow” < cras“tomorrow”]

Microsoft¬ģ Encarta¬ģ 2006. ¬© 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

So let’s get off the band wagon of being a procrastinare …. and get into action! I won’t offer you any 12 step program because there is really only ONE and that is REPENT! True repentance puts us in a place where we turn from what keeps us stagnate and out of His perfect Will. ¬†It– repentance — ¬†allows us to be transparent with most importantly ourselves. because a liar will never tarry in His sight! So … GET OFF OF THAT COUCH IN YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR HEART & YOUR MIND and get to MOVING toward what and where God has called you to BE through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Until Next Time… Bask In His Presence & Be Blessed!

VMarie aka Thr33

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2011

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