If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

I have come to realize that a writer’s life can sometimes be very interesting to say the least and at other times can seem to be very ominous. Living in a state of trying to put words to thoughts, feelings, or concepts can move one to become pensive and if one is not careful it can alter the mood or even give the impression that one’s mood isn’t stable. 

Pensive – thoughtful, meditative, thinking, brooding, pondering, contemplative, preoccupied, lost in thought….

After a long sabbatical, we have entered into another level of biblical study and learning. It is truly amazing how God can redeem lost time as if you’ve never detoured or paused from movement. When it is time to get back on the saddle, no matter how far you’ve strayed or what amount of time it takes for you to mount again, He transports you exactly to where you need to be.

I am pondering today’s lesson on: The True Significance of the Marriage Covenant. This is a lesson my father has taught extensively, however today it has moved me again to meditate not only on the purpose, structure, and inner workings of marriage but also on how man’s tradition has intruded on the sanctity of marriage. This intrusion no doubt has one diabolical culprit at its base and that is our enemy – satan. It is his aim to pervert and misconstrue the very fundamental workings of the Marital Covenant, which is instituted and ordained solely by the only True & Living God – we can clearly see satan’s plan of attack in the garden of Eden. (Genesis 3:1-7) God’s aim is to demonstrate something somewhat of a mystery to us regarding this wonderful thing He’s created – Marriage. (Ephesians 5:31-33) Out of marriage comes the family and out of the family He builds His Kingdom. The enemy relies on our ignorance, self- ambitions, & our own lusts to implement his plan to overthrow God in our own heart as well as the hearts of others. (James 1:13-16) If he can get us to stray away from the revealed Truth and replace it with whatever version we contrive with our minds and/or hands, it can appear that he has succeeded. This we know is TRULY a lie! Our enemy is NOT winning and will never win! There is one thing that is very apparent and true and that is, if we don’t acquire the mind of Christ wherefore we can know what and how to operate our life according to His plans in this world — We will definitely partake in the same LOSE the enemy is in right NOW and forever.

God is saying, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge and because you rejected my knowledge, I will reject you, and because you have forgotten my laws, statutes & precepts you will no longer have an audience with me and I will forget your children!” Hosea 4:6

We – the Church MUST repent and move back to the TRUTH!

When the Lord permits, I will forward information to where you can hear and/or read future lessons facilitated by Apostle W. D. Carter III, overseer & founder of Cross of Calvary Deliverance Ministries & Cross of Calvary International Bible College. 

Until then… Be Blessed in the ONLY TRUTH!  VMarie

All Rights Reserved – Copyright © 2012


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