If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

Yes it is me… the peculiar poet… with my rambling musings…. o_0  I am coming at you guys a little different because I can! 🙂 No seriously — I have taken yet another break not to find myself as it were, but to focus on school, work, school and work… need I say more? I haven’t had much time or strength to focus on my passion(s) — which are writing, creating ideas, AND inspiring others. That reality has had me a bit troubled…. I analyzed the last 3 months and 5 days, which are both significant numbers to me. (thanks Orlanda!!) and all the “hard work” I’ve put in and it has NOT really pushed me closer to my goals. (at least in my opinion) It has however bought me closer to the realization that I cannot figure out exactly how the Lord has my life planned. BUT I do know what it is He has birthed me to do! That battle is won! The great thing about this walk with Him is that He will NEVER allow us to stray too far off course. Although our eyesight might get blurred by all of this other stuff going on, pretty soon we will reach up and start rubbing our eyes again to regain focus. So I am singing, “I can see clearly now….” you know the rest!

Listen! Oh wait… you are reading this. Well READ THIS!!!

It is time for us to stop making excuses and just do it! Just DO IT!!! None of us are getting any older. By the time you finish reading this you will be approximately two hundred and ten seconds older. SO, get up from that bed of affliction [distress, complaint, infirmity, problem, burden, difficulty, trouble, hardship, pain] PICK ONE — You are in there somewhere…. I repeat get up from that bed of affliction and MAKE           that MOVE!  The first thing you have to change is your MIND because guess what the problems never cease! With every level there are definitely new challenges. And with every challenge there is an opportunity to learn and grow in HIM.

So now that you’ve shaken yourself let me be the first to say Happy New Year! I won’t get into the history of it all .. BUT technically the New Year actually began April 1 (do the research). Consider this… how can something be new when it is still dead, cold, and has no growth …..  get it? …. Hope so! So it’s been 3 months 5days. Those numbers are significant — 3 is my favorite number. It has much meaning in my life but more specific to my relationship to the LORD, it represents the Holy Trinity — Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The number 5 represents the number of grace. I am ever so thankful of the Grace that God bestowed on the World when He gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins AND on the 3rd day He rose with ALL power in His hands. That 3rd day is VERY important by the way!

So let’s focus on the unmerited gift that was given to us — Jesus and what His Resurrection actually means. It is certainly is not about eggs, bunnies, baskets, and new clothes and if I stepped on your toes — I AM NOT APOLOGIZING! We tend not to really think about the actually pain and horror Jesus had to endure for OUR sins  because quite frankly it is an experience that we could not even fathom and innately we know it should have been us! This is why I am thanking Him for His GRACE & MERCY!

Please take this opportunity to re-focus on His goodness, re-direct your path, re-start your mind and celebrate the fact that because of Jesus you are able to have the re-birth experience!

Until Next Time……

aka Thr33

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