If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

Honor me whilst I am here in this reality because when my spirit departs this body and rest in eternity…

those accolades won’t mean nothing to me!

Because when I was there with you, nothing I did provoked such recognition.

Weep for me right now! Because when I’ve cried my last tear…

I will need yours to help me…

Help me to heal… Aren’t you my keeper?

Love me this very instant, because it should provoke something within you…

That will prompt you to forgive me…

For it covers a multitude of sin and asks for nothing in return.

Remember me now, because when it seems like all has forgotten me, I’ll need that…

but if you chose to reminisce after I’ve left and long gone to glory,

Just know that it is Jesus Christ to whom your thoughts belong to!


Whilst I am Here…


Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

Penned by: VMarie aka Thr33

Dedicated to: You!

All Rights Reserved © 2014

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