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the musings of a peculiar poet….

There is an elephant that has landed in the middle of my post! Can you see it? He has a sign around his neck reading, “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO YOU!?!”

Hahaha… You wouldn’t believe me if I were to tell you or perhaps you would. I would hope so, since we are all humans with human problems. Mine happens to be… I love what I do and I am to perpetually on a quest to create an environment to carry out my writing goals. It never fails when we plan to do something, something else wants to intrude and take up our time our or change our focal point. The one thing that I’ve learned during this Restart is that all best made plans can and will be interrupted by something. The question is – Do you really want to discover the TRUE reason for your dilemma?

I began writing this post on Day Twenty, after a week or so of being beat down by the pain of my toothache. I was determined to keep moving and did, however the movement I made couldn’t be seen here on IfMyWordsCouldSpeak. It was being made behind the scenes in my daily life. Oddly enough I didn’t get the overwhelming feeling of failure this year. After committing myself to posting everyday that idea was quickly opposed by several events and I began to think of ways to regroup.

Instead of focusing on my “writing”, the Lord had me focus on my relationship with Him and in doing so, I discovered that a few areas that are directly related to why I wasn’t seeing growth or movement in the places I want to “Move” in!

You would be amazed at my findings!

I listened to a young woman one Tuesday evening on Periscope, during the second week of #Restart2015. She gave a powerful testimony around the successes she is now experiencing in her life. She made it clear that it had not always been that way. Just like myself it would seem that there was always something in the way of getting to where she needed to be, whether it was in her personal or business relationships. During her Periscope, she gave many pointers on achieving or realizing your dreams and I am sure they all were phenomenal however there is only ONE that continued to ring in my ear when I heard it!  She ministered that there was a pivotal moment in her life when someone asked her, “Have you ever considered that the issue is you?”

Although, I kept listening and tapping the screen sending up hearts to let her know I related to everything she spoke on. Those words… that question literally reverberated through every bone in my body and kept repeating itself to me.

“Have you considered VMarie that the issue is you?”

On that very same evening, I began to take mental inventory on how I have conducted myself in certain areas. No matter how I sliced the cake of reality I had been served, every slice had either a little, a lot, or ALL of ME in it! There was no getting around it! The first step in making a move toward the right direction is being transparent.



easily seen through, recognized, or detected; open; frank; candid: readily understand

Being transparent has to first begin with yourself and secondly with God. When we see ourselves through the lens of Truth as God sees us, then and only then can we really see our own personal involvement in our so-called “failures” or “short comings”.

Many times we look for outside reasons, however if we take occasion to read His Word, we can clearly see that problem lies within us.  Until we do this we cannot even begin to get an audience with the Father for a resolution. We tie the hands of God’s when we refuse to face the ugly and horror of our own personal depravity. If we don’t face the truth about ourselves and repent, we are fundamentally liars before God!

Psalm 101:7b

he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.

Please believe me when I say that this revelation of transparency is a work in progress. As we all delve in to a deeper relationship with the Lord through His Word, we cannot help but to see ourselves in those pages. And through every level of faith, we are continually changed to His image by the Holy Spirit (II Corinthians 3:18).

Remaining transparent, truthful & honest about oneself, keeps you on the potter’s wheel of transformation and sanctification!

Until Next Time….

Bask In His Presence and Be Blessed!


VMarie aka Thr33


All Rights Reserved © 2015

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