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Original Post Date:  August 5, 2013 – Project: Restart 2013

What’s Your Glue Made Of?

The best made plans are bound to be interrupted, but in the midst of pauses, Imageobstacles, tribulations, holding patterns etc. will you continue to forge forward through it all?

It is important to be aware of those outside influences that tend to influence our decision making that in turn create opportunity for success or failure. More importantly are those inner struggles, that we don’t want to face or even talk about. Many times these go overlooked and are the main contributor to the things that keep us “stuck” and unable to move forward. Like glue these internal issues make it virtually impossible to move. Even when it appears we are moving we are only going around in circles. Much like a dog chasing its tail.

Before we part the matrix, we are susceptible to our spirit man being damaged. We tend to think that this only happens after we are born, while we are being raised and later in our adult life experiences. This is far from the truth. Some hurts even go from generation-to-generation and are embedded in our DNA, they are typically identified as generational curses. Fear, rejection, suicide, mental illness, cancer, even sexual perversions.

Getting out “Unstuck” is a supernatural process that needs some basic actions. Ultimately we know that to get healed and delivered from hurts that are both psycho-emotional and spiritual we must be born again. We must also know that in order to experience true deliverance we must identify the damaged areas in our lives and begin to allow the Holy Spirit to heal us from all hurt.

Keeping our heads in the sand will never give us opportunity to heal and set free. We must lift our heads up and look to the hills from where our helps comes and that help is from the LORD!

What are the things that keep you “Stuck”? I pray that the Lord will reveal those things to you and you’ll allow Him to begin that healing and deliverance process in your life!

Until Next Time…. Bask in His Presence and Be Blessed!

VMarie aka Thr33

Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved VMS

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