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Good Day!

The beginning of the week is usually dubbed the “maniac” part of the workweek. It is, for most of us, the start just after our 48 hour time away from our jobs. How often do we dream of never having to punch in/out, be our own boss or simply work less get paid more (or at least the same). Right? We often think this way because we have this idea that being able to do those things will require little or no effort. We imagine that our lives would be more fulfilled and/or happy, if we were able to only work a 3-Day workweek or run the show. We dream up this plan and when the opportunity comes, we take it! However, after a few months, we are just as lost and/or unmotivated as before. Unfulfilled, confused, lost and stumped as to how we got where we’ve landed.

How did you get here? Where you ask?

In a place were your “dreams” or the plans you have for your life, are not  being fulfilled or coming to past and you are basically not satisfied with what you thought you were meant to do?

Before we begin to answer that… Let’s define the word – Dream.

When we think of the word dream, we usual refer to those times when we have a series of thoughts and/or images while we are sleeping. A dream can also be related to our ambitions, goals for our life or the fantasies we create about the life we wished we had.

Now I am not here to rain on your dream parade or neither am I a “dream killer”! On the contrary, I am here to get you (and me) to thinking about those things we dream of or our ambitions. Again before you answer that very first question, answer the questions below…

  • Who is the originator of your dreams (ambitions, goals)? (Jeremiah 1:5)
  • Is your life dream, ambitions, goals sanctioned by the Lord? (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Have you asked the Lord about them? (Proverbs 16:3)
  • Does your dream, ambitions, goals fulfill God’s ultimate plan for your life? (1 John 2:16-17)

I will leave you here on this Tuesday to mull over the previous questions. I also invite you to read and meditate over the scriptures next to each question.

Part II of Your Dreams vs. God’s Plans will be posted on Thursday!

Until The Next Time…. Live Each Day as Directed by the Lord!


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