If My Words Could Speak

the musings of a peculiar poet….

Day’s 10 & 11

Today I posted this on my InspireU! page on FaceBook (Check it out when you get a chance .. shameless redirection ūüėČ ) www.FaceBook.com/InspireU

Morning! Put one foot in front of the other … ok now do it again and again … now look back. You’ve MOVED! Your progress might be slow at times BUT you can only take it one step at a time. KEEP MOVING! and DREAMING and you know the rest … SEIZE IT!!!¬†

I got to thinking back when each of my Thr33 children were in the process of learning how to walk… as I can recall my oldest was very cautious she would only take a step when she knew that there was ample support for a fall. It didn’t take her long to master the balancing act and ¬†every step she took gave her the confidence to keep going. She eventually caught on that she wasn’t going to get hurt and when she finally got it she walked with confidence. ¬†She got it!

My middle child … well it took a lot of coaxing to convince her that she could do it. Every fall seemed like a major setback for her… but I encouraged her along the way and didn’t push her too hard. ¬†I let her cruise the furniture, until finally one day while no one looked on or cheered her .. she started walking! It was amazing. She got it!

Now my youngest … well this was and still is the child who will try almost anything with no hesitation. (Please pray for this brother! LOL) As soon as he realized that those feet were made for walking … He put one foot in front of the other and started running! LOL Because he was so eager to get it he fell much more than his older siblings… the thing is he never let that deter him .. every fall just made him that more determined to get it! I can remember when he got it he went flying around the corner running! Yes! Running with his eyes big and full of smiles! He got it!

Each one of them had their own issues that kept them from seemingly MOVING forward but determination, outside encouragement and FAILURE kept them moving! Until finally each one of them in their own way looked up at me and said through their smiles, “LOOK MA!! I’M WALKING!!!”

Our ‘walk’ with Jesus is the same way…. Please please remember that through this Life Assignment we will have many “opportunities’ where we will feel like that little baby afraid to take a step or eager to get it in but experiencing many setbacks (falls). Just know He will NEVER leave you nor Forsake you and He is there to direct each and every step along the way. The awesome thing about God is that He IS who He IS and He uses whomever or whatever to get you to see that He is still HERE guiding us along the way. Those things or people He uses ONLY demonstrate His Word and IT is always speaking to us to guide us — In order for you to recognize the message so to speak we have to Get In His WORD. Read IT… Consume IT … Bask in IT … WALK IN IT!!!

Ezekiel 3:1  And He said to me, Son of man, eat what you find. Eat this roll, and go speak to the house of Israel. 

eat: This must have passed in a vision; but the meaning is plain: Receive My word into thy mind, let it enter into they soul; digest it, let it be they nourishment, they meat and thy drink, to do the will of thy Father who is in heaven. Eze 3:10, Eze 2:8-9; 1Ti 4:15; Rev 10:9-10 Courtesy of  TSK (Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge)
Until Next Time ….. Bask in His Presence & Be Blessed!
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