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Day 12

If it were not for the storm there would be no need for sunshine! VMarie

Is it not amazing how after a storm it is always this serene calm feeling. Sometimes we even get to experience a rainbow and/or birds singing and chirping away. Based on the calmness of it all one would not know that the Tsunami of Life had just hit … This is the final part of the In Flight Turbulence posting …

When we embark on a God ordained Life Assignment there are soo many facets to completing the task. God is so awesome that ONE single act impacts many people. It is like a rippling effect. If you can remember in my previous post I talked about getting prepared to move to the next level is only a success when you have gotten rid all unneeded baggage. If you are carrying things that are not meant for the trip and/or your next destination guess what you will be stuck at the terminal unable to board the plane — NO FLIGHT! The process of removing the extra baggage in our lives is a freeing & liberating experience. When I decided to actually let things go in the natural AND in the spiritual context I actually felt light. Although I am working on my discoveries about VMarie… well should I say .. I am allowing the Lord to work on me because we CANNOT ‘change’ ourselves per-say that is God’s job. We can however change how we THINK & RESPOND and fundamentally we can those instructions and examples out of the Word of God. Without acknowledging what the issues are in our life (self examination) and figuring out what things are not pleasing to Him (repentance) we cannot experience restoration and also, we cannot be effective on our Life Assignment.

When you experience this transformation of course there will be many, many turbulent times.  We MUST prepare ourselves for this reality that we WILL feel and experience In Flight Turbulence along the way. I’ve been in a plane — a commuter plane I might add! and there was a terrible storm, lightning etc…. It was one of the most scariest feelings and do you not know that I prayed like never before lol  BUT eventually I got over  on the other side….  Over on the Other Side next posting… 🙂

Until Next Time — Bask in His Presence & Be Blessed!


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