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Days 13 – 20

I’ve written and rewritten this post several times simply b/c I feel like I have not reached the destination of … “On the Other Side”. It has clearly been a busy and rough week for me.  Which is ok… b/c during those challenging times you learn so much about your situation, other people and the most important thing — you learn so much about yourself. Let’s face it — if you are not honest with YOU about YOU then who else can YOU be honest with??? Ok.. now let’s move past this honesty session we are having with ourselves and move into the reality of CHANGE. Yes! The big “C” word. The word change can be used as a verb (action) or noun (state of being).  I want to elaborate a little on this word as a noun.

noun (pluralchang·es)
1. making or becoming different: alteration, variation, or modification, or the result of this

  • There’s been a change of plan.
2. exchange or replacement: an exchange, substitution, or replacement of something or somebody
3. variance from routine: a variance from a routine or pattern, especially a welcome one

  • I could use a change.
4. fresh set of something: a different, clean, or fresh set of something, especially clothes
5. transition from something: a shift from one state, stage, or phase to another

  • a change in our thinking

Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Most of us don’t embrace the reality that change is something that is constantly around us and will go on WITH or WITHOUT our participation.  Change causes us to re-calibrate how we are to BE. I’ve been speaking about transitioning b/c that is what I have been going through in my personal life. As I look back —- I actually been in this place of transition for nearly 3 yrs. I consider myself a person who embraces change wholeheartedly and that can be a positive and sometimes a negative…. however after careful investigation there are some core fundamental things about VMarie that I find myself not willing to change…. and again this could be considered a positive & a negative. For this post I am speaking to the NEGATIVE aspect of not transforming to the state of CHANGE.  After you’ve discovered whatever that thing or issue is that is keeping you from the state of being changed, you MUST do something about it! If not — your state of BEING a vessel of change …  a new creation … or changed will be interrupted and sometimes corrupted.

Now the DOING SOMETHING is the kicker, because when we are faced with the challenge of ourselves the issues and problems seem insurmountably. That is only a smoke screen…  a facade… a trick of  that part of us that don’t really want to change … called the flesh… our carnality… our human nature! Facing the REAL you is 1/2 the victory won! Now most of the time when we experience issues… challenges.. problems… or need to change we always give credit to our enemy as being the culprit behind these problems. We GIVE HIM TOOO MUCH CREDIT! Now let me get this straight I do understand that the adversary of our soul is real and fully aware of his plots and schemes BUT the real truth is we use him as a scapegoat to resist change and ownership of the blunders we created in our own lives! OK … the DOING something is accepting what you did or could have done …. meditate on why and getting the feedback from GOD and this feedback ought to be founding in unadulterated truth which is HIS WORD! This is the ONLY way we can get back to the state of change we should be in.

I recently was given an awesome analogy regarding making wrong moves, taking wrong directions and in this case refusing to CHANGE our state of being… Most of us are familiar with a GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. When using a GPS you can make a wrong turn or detour from the original destination — and you hear this — RECALCULATING! Isn’t this the same with God! We have an Eternal Infallible Long-suffering GPS  —  God’s Positioning System! He is always there to assist us with our change… our transition to ensure that we get back on course. Our part is making sure that we have upgraded our software to get His directions when we have drifted off course. He knows what our end (change) will be and what it looks like. It is incumbent on us to embrace & participate in the often times painful transformation of change that is destined for our lives. Although this pain is excruciating— we must BE CHANGED!

CHANGE ……  TO BE or NOT TO BE that is the question!

Until next time…. Bask In His Presence & BE Blessed!

All Rights Reserved © 2011 VMarie

One thought on “Days 13 – 20 “Are We There Yet?” … Making a pit stop or two or three….. “To Be or Not To Be””

  1. vanessa mccray says:

    I really enjoyed this post

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